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What makes a high pressure laminate manufacturer so angry

As we all know, high pressure laminate is regarded as one of the most durable decorative surface materials with excellent properties such as water, chemical, scratch, fire and wear resistance. However, a high pressure laminate manufacturer from India indicates that high pressure laminate manufacturers are facing a serious problem---fake high pressure laminate.

HPL is normally produced by layers of kraft paper (the amount of kraft paper depending on the thickness we customize for you), a layer of decorative paper with a solid color, and topped with a protective wear layer under high pressure and high temperature. So what makes Indian high pressure laminate manufacturer so angry are as follows according to what his said.

  • Poor raw material, poor kraft paper. As I have said that, kraft paper is the main raw material of HPL as the core of HPL finish which makes a difference towards properties of HPL like resistance to scratching, impact, wear, steam, heat, stains and light. Therefore, a reliable kraft paper supplier is a vital step ensuring the quality of HPL. For example, Jialifu have our own cooperated suppliers for 15 years and pre-production is always a necessary part for qualified quality of kraft paper.

  • Unqualified manufacturing process. High pressure, high temperature and ample heating time are necessary ensuring sharping nice HPL, or it will lose its excellent properties it should have. Furthermore, you will find that the lifetime of HPL with unqualified manufacturing process could only be less than 3 years which should have be more than 10 years with proper manufacturing.

In a word, fake HPL is what makes this Indian high pressure laminate manufacturer angry mainly. Easy to understand, who could tolerate that fake products making a bad effect for our good HPL. To be honest, I find it serious in Australia and the Middle East according to feedback of some of my old customers.

Welcome to know more about recognizing real HPL from fake one and Jialifu is pleased to share more knowledge about building material with you.

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