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From Uber’s Decision In China:Take A Flexible Stand

This Monday,Travis Kalanick,the CEO of Uber annouced that selling its Chinese business to DiDi Chuxing,the giant of China’s ride-sharing which was the leading competitor in Chinese market.As a result,Uber now has become a junior partner with DiDi Chuxing which is regarded as a “capitulation” in the industry view.

Believe it or not,it is a “capitulation” from my view although some may say it is a win-win situation.Doubt it?Some examples could convince you.Let’s take facebook for an example.Have you remembered Mark Zuckerberg ’s visit to China and his morning running in front of Tinamen Square,Beijing?It is obviously not a simple travel if you have felt the air in Beijing.In fact,he just tried to open a way for facebook in China,one of the most valuable company,but failed and watched from the sidelines of Chinese market because of Chinese policy or directly firewall of China.Besides,e-Bay was ever trying to get in years ago but eventually gave in in front of Alibaba.As a Chinese,I could guarantee that Chinese could only access e-Bay via VPN,in other words,it didn’t even have market share in China.In the end,e-Bay decided to exit in 2006.

All in all,owing to “Made in China 2025”,we could learn that China nowadays is increasingly enjoying “Made in China”.Well,you have to admit it is a trend and guadually being a truth.If you still hold the standpoint of “fake commodity made in China”,Huawei is the best example explaining the “Original China”,which ranks 129th in the Fortune 500 List Of Companies by Forbes.

So what is taking a flexable stand as I mentioned in the title?I mean importing Chinese’s products have been incleasingly a smart choice proved by many countries for years with high quality but competitive price.In the industry of construction,we Jialifu are your excellent business partner.Specilizing in building material and finishes especially HPL and HPL related products such as HPL wall cladding,HPL table,toilet partition,etc for 15 years exporting to more than 122 countries.We are proud that serving 870,000 customers around the world and now holding a 15th anniversary promotion appreciating you.

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