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Why Shouldn’t You Settle For Price On Material

As a project manager,you should have experienced a difficult opttion for building material as you must balance project quality and cost control.So now,what’s your final decision if bad one will not cause an adverse effect in months which will make a really bad influence in the long term while good one excesses your budget?

Maybe you will say let’s split the difference and make a happy ending,but are you sure you are not living in a fairy tale? According to Jam’s description,a project manager from USA as well as my friend,he regreted to make a unwise choice compromising on price.For restaurant table tops placed in a nice western restaurant within a high-class commercial district,he finally decided to use plywood for main material but not wood,HPL,marble or other decorative boards just for budget reduction.For the first 7 months,it is alright since a rainy day.Believe it or not,the surface of restaurant table tops started to being thinner,After one month,they were cracked and the boss urgently had to replece them for HPL table tops which I strongly recommend.It is not weird it costed him a lot even got some reparations from his last manufacturer.What a tragedy!I have doubted the quality control of this commercial district but just got one answer--you choose what you should be responsible for.Yeah,nobody will dissuade you from insisting on low price without consideration of lifetime.

Why shouldn’t you settle for price on material?My answer is you are in charge of the whole project and you must be responsible for the quality of project.In a long term,you should choose a better material considering overall situation.If you remember HPL I mentioned above,you should try on it not only for commercial table tops( restaurant table tops,cafe table tops,dining table tops),but also a nice choice as wall cladding panel for interior and exterior wall cladding.Why?Please click here for more or contact me directly via

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