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Find made-in-China in Rio Olympic

What is the hottest world news recently? Obviously it’s Rio Olympic which is now under way vigorously with our blessing.I bet you have heard a lot of bad news about Rio Olympic like poor health,violent incident,Zika virus,etc.However,you may not notice there is another hot topic for Rio Olympics--a great many of “made-in-China” emerged.

The State Grid Corporation of China is located 5 kilometres away from “Estadio Mario Filho”for ensuring the power supply of Rio Olympic Stadium.What’s more,as the main mean of transportation,construction of metro is related to more than 300 companies,but all trains are made in China! Besides power supply and transportation construction,361°,as a big garment company in China,is gonna supply more 100,000 uniforms for Rio.

The above examples have strongly proved made-in-China is no long a symbol of low-grade but high quality that have been admited internationally.

As a matter of fact,in the industry of construction,Jialifu is another nice “made in China” brand that has been accepted by customers comes from over 122 countries.At first,the classic cases are best reference.From Asia to Europe,from Africa to America,Oceania,we successfully expand our overseas business mainly to hotels,schools,Gym,hospital,airport and other public places in 15 years.Level Up Fitness in Malaysia,Anglia ruskin university in UK,FIFA U-17 Womens World Cup Project,Congo international airport.Without these projects,we are not able to say we are certainly a international construction company you could rest assured completely.In particular,we are high pressure laminate manufacturers (HPL,also named compact laminate) that mainly dealing with HPL related products including HPL cladding,commercial table tops,(cafe table tops,dining table tops),toilet partition,lockers,etc.

From the Rio Olympic Games,we could enjoy wondorful games and also learn that made-in-China is increasingly truning into a proud brand.Jialifu,a original made-in-China brand,provides you high-quality HPL and HPL products at a competitive price.

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