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The excellent compact laminate

Jialifu believes that most people have heard of the compact laminate, we can also call it laminate sheet or high pressure panel, the appellations are diverse in different nations and regions. And there are many companies specializing on producing the compact laminate panels. However, the material and performance of the panel are also distinguishing from each company.

To give a example of our Jialifu, our laminate sheet is made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. A process called polymerisation melds them all together creating a solid-core panel that is an extra tough durable laminate.

Our laminate sheet is absolutely under guarantee that it is tough, high density, totally waterproof and hygienic panel with a high level of strength. You can easily feel out of the density of our laminate panel when comparing with the other panel of the weight. This panel can perform well in water and moisture resistance for the special dispose of the interior construction which can prevent and hold back of the steam and smoke to permeate into the panel. Besides, the edge of the laminate sheets are incised in a special machine so that the edge surface can be smooth without wrapping.

Once there were 2 customers coming to Jialifu to have a look at our products. After they knew about the laminate price, they said the price were too high compared with the peers and the panel weight of the peer was lighter than Jialifu but with the same functions. At that time, we realized that the customers must mistake the MDF panel as compact laminate and they didn’t know much about the differences between the two panels. Although we had explain and made some contrasts for them, they didn’t listen to me. Six month later, this two customers contacted to us and told us that they wanted to have a try of our products for the reason that the former panels they bought were not accorded with the instruction. We gave a detailed introduction of our products and taught them to identify the different panels’ traits. Finally they placed an order with us with appreciation.

The instance listed above is not to show off our products, just to make more people know about the compact laminate and learn how to choose it, how to buy the compact laminate of excellent quality in a reasonable price.

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