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A breathing washroom partition

Maybe you will feel strange and curious when first time shooting a glance at the title. Breathing washroom? A toilet cubicle, the abiotic object can act as a human? The answer is surely impossible. Even though the washroom partition can neither inhale nor exhale, the cubicle made by a kind of material can adjust the environment of the toilet cubicle like a living breathing human.

May be you are still confused about my saying, don’t worry, I will make a detail description of it.

As we all have the same sense about the seasons in a year, when it comes to the spring, the washroom partition will be humid and wet, when it comes to summer, the room will be hot and stuffy and in autumn and winter, it will be dry...Since the washroom will be such a situation, do you plan to improve the situation? Here is an suggestion.

A kind of washroom partition whose material is the solid compact laminates can effectively improve the situations mentioned above. This compact laminate is made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. This panel is tough with high density, totally waterproof and hygienic against the high level of strength. Therefor, the configuration of the whole washroom partition makes it possible to hold back of the moisture and smoke, to prevent the heat from filling with the whole space. The capability of the high strength fortifies the service life of the products and the integral structure makes the panel to resist the scratch and graffiti. In this way, you will feel less hot in the washroom in summer and the hot steam won’t rapidly vanish so that the temperature of the washroom won’t descend quickly. Of course, a clean and new environment often makes one a good mood. Like a person with breathe can adjust his or her feeling.

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