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Dress” Your Building Without Delay

Go outside and have a general view of tall buildings and large mansions,you will be amazed at the great progress of modern construction not only because of their building height but also their dazzling architectural style that you couldn’t even imagine several decades ago.However,you may have discovered that more and more modern buildings have got dressed which bring a new look and even a new life to us.Don’t be too surprsed,today what I am gonna talk about is not real clothing but a new-style decorative system for renovating the exterior of existing buildings----wall cladding.

Talking about wall cladding,aesthetics must be the first factor comes to your mind.It’s quite true,who will reject the good-looking appearance after all and building itself must be more willing to be dressed with beautiful dresses I firmly believe.In addition,there are some non-ignorable factors will convince you the necessity of cladding.

Reduction of maintenance cost

Reduction of energy cost

Impressed appearance

Great commercial value

Longer service life of structure

Water-penetration protection

Improvement of acoustical,thermal performance

Improvement of natural daylight performance

Better thermal mass

Ease of solving interior problems

From all above,we could initially draw a conclusion that wall cladding is not as a simple decorative material as you think,it has lots of unexpected functions which could explain why so many modern building can’t leave cladding such as Mcdonald.More importantly,we are now discussing just about commercial wall cladding so that selection of raw material may be great different from household.”Dressing” your building is an instant job,but what kind of “dress” is suitable for different building and how is its performance and cost?All questions above will be solved in my next passage and welcome to contact me for my suggestion earlier.HPL wall cladding especially HPL exterior wall cladding is the only tip I could offter because of HPL’s excellent properties.

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