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Don’t you really consider the compact laminate?

Are you still using the metal lockers or plastic lockers? What do you think of them? Do the materials of these lockers can resist the water or fire? Or will they be noisy when opening or closing? Do you worry that the materials will be delicate after exposing under the burning sun or wet environment? The varnish and color on the surface will be off?

Well, do you hear of compact laminate or solid phenolic board? Do you know how many features it has? Let Jialifu, the HPL manufacturers tell you a little.

The compact laminate also named solid phenolic, is a panel made from layers of phenolic resin kraft under high temperature and pressure facing with the laminate sheets. It is toughed warmer than those typical acrylic or polyester materials.

The thickness of the compact laminate can be flexible, the available range is from 2-25mm. Due to the core material is made of layers of condensed resin-treated kraft paper which can offer enough density and strength to resist the external force and bad conditions. The core color of the compact laminate made from Jialifu is black or gray. Of course some manufacturers provide a range of core color for option.

After wearing the decorative layer of HPL, the compact laminate can be quite different than the other materials, logos and all kinds of patterns can be printed on the surface guaranteed not color fading and panel cracking. Besides, the panel edges can be polished into round edge or octagon with the specific machine.

Then it comes to the applications. As the panel comes from the special industrial producing technique and unique material making it with many character which are in great demand in building industry like to to used as table tops, benches, lockers, toilet partitions, wall cladding, office desks and so on. No matter the commercial purpose or household usage or public facilities, the compact laminate can meet your performance demands. With so many features and good looking solid phenolic board, what are you waiting for?

Don’t you really consider the compact laminate? If you have interest on the compact laminate, you can contact us Jialifu in or send email . The panel will sure amaze you.

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