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You may be familiar with HPL Panels, while unfamiliar with PVC Panels, so today JIALIFU want to introduce PVA Board.

JIALIFU PVC Board is combined with 1mm HPL on surface and PVC core inner, with features of both HPL panel and PVC panel, which is waterproof, fireproof, moistureproof, easy to clean and maintain, long-lasting color, light weight, recycled, not easily deform.

Here are some parameters about PVC Panel.

Thickness:18, 27, 36, 42mm

1200*1800mm, 1200*1900mm,

1200*2000mm, 1200*2100mm


Normal color:Light grey, grey line(the same as HPL)

As for the price, although the price is a little higher than HPL panel, it can be recycled, more Eco-Friendly, so PVC panel is value for money.

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