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Do different HPL products need different HPL?

HPL products could be divided into many types used in many fields especially for furniture and construction.However,in line with HPL products’ different properties fitted in various occasions,HPL should be chosen accordingly.

For example,although HPL could be customized from 2mm as surface to 25mm as board,we couldn’t ignore its practical function of every HPL product.So let’s take HPL table for an example to demonstrate it.HPL table,which is usually used for patio furniture,training table,round coffee table,must be designed for at least 8mm or it couldn’t be sustained heavy stuff.Normally,we take 12mm HPL as standard because it is the most economical and suitable size for most HPL tables.Despite all above,we could draw a conclusion which is the most appropriate choice that we still need to consider more.For instance,10mm HPL is acceptable if you need a more delicate finishes with your good care.

In a word,what I am trying to say is that we could and will customize for your totally according to your requirement based on its feasibility.Jialifu will constantly offer latest HPL products customized for you,different products,different HPL!

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