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How to Deal with Graffit in Bathroom Stalls?

Have you met any graffiti in public bathroom? Many public bathrooms may face such problem that there are too many graffiti in bathroom stalls to clear, especially in school and college. Some graffiti may paint by Pikes, that makes the cleaning work even impossible. That comes common all around the world. You can find graffiti in almost every public bathrooms.

Reasons that might make people paint graffiti:

1. Public bathrooms are often considered a dirty place no matter how clean they look, that make people feel uncomfortable. Then people use humor to overcome this kind of discomfort, the toilet graffiti just like messages prisoners scratch into cell walls.

2. Nowadays, people go to toilet with their E-book or smartphone, what if they forget to bring it? Then the time in toilet cubicles might be a bored time. That will inspire people's creation.

Look at the pictures above. Sometimes the bathroom stall could be a paradise of people's imagination. We could find this kind of phenomenon as a kind of art. There used to be a research infers that people felt more relax when they are in bathroom.

How to deal with bathroom graffiti?

That could be a chance. Now we know that people just need a place to relax and release their pressure. What if we paint the bathroom stalls a first? A painted bathroom stall will give people a chance to appreciate and kill time. In our last news, we discuss with the importance of bathroom environment for business. A customized picture can be creative without messing the toilet environment.

As a toilet partition manufacturer, Jialifu offers the paint work, the pictures on bathroom stalls and doors are all can be customized.

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