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Another green idea about disposal of compact laminate panel waste

In recent years, environmental protection has developed into a higher stage through our great efforts. Meanwhile, many enterprises are increasingly being environmental responding to the national call. For one thing, the production process must be strictly controlled because it is the most important part that will be inspected by relevant departments. But what about the disposal of waste? Just throw them to the rubbish tip as usual?

disposal of compact laminate panel

Especially for compact laminate panel, a fire-resistant material, how to dispose it has been a big problem for years. On the one hand, you are not able to burn them down. On the other hand, even if you succeed by higher temperature, pollution is unavoidable. There is another green idea about disposal of compact laminate panel waste that we have carried out for more than 10 years--send them to smelting plant.

As we all know, compact laminate panel is manufactured at a really high temperature ( normally 150 degrees ) so that normal burn is useless. That is why compact laminate panel is used as excellent fire-resistant material for wall cladding, commercial table and toilet partition as well. moreover, we Jialifu never advocate this way of disposal of panel waste. Therefore, we transport them to nearby but formal smelting plant as fuel of smelting. At a high temperature( about 1500 degrees ), waste of compact laminate panel will be totally burnt producing heat for smelting process. This solution mainly solves the following two problem.

disposal of compact laminate waste-smelting plant

  • Hard to dispose the waste of compact laminate panel. At 1500 degrees, waste will be totally burnt which is difficult to achieve personally.

  • Pollution of waste disposal. If we handle it personally, more or less pollution will be created because we are not a chemical enterprise equipped with professional waste disposal equipment while professional smelting plant does.

Even so, better way of disposal are being developed such as turning it into material of another new energy which will cost a lot more.

About green, it is always what we are moving forward with for we Jialifu always believe that only environment-friendly products and enterprises will be chosen eventually.

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