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Why compact laminate board become our hot-sale product

MDF, melamine board and PVC board and related products, which we have managed for 15 years, are always well received by customers. However in recent years, compact laminate board and related products such as wall cladding system and restaurant table top are increasingly becoming our top products at a phenomenal rate even we haven’t made a lot of marketing.

Therefore, we made a comprehensive survey online and offline about why compact laminate board become our hot-sale products within 2 years and how it could be? There are three main lessons we have drawn from more than 2000 customers around the world.

Jialifu customer for compact laminate board

  • Excellent physical and chemical properties

Excellent physical and chemical properties make it multipurpose compact laminate board that has a wide application. “ we purchased some just for staff lockers three years ago but to our surprise they are extremely durable and hardly needed maintenance which is obviously different from MDF. So I just thought that it could be used for material of toilet partitions in hospital. “ Mukhtar said, the director of Renmin Hospital.

  • High price ratio

We could never say compact laminate board is the cheapest one and also performs best, it is impossible. However, high price ratio is a big part of feedback comes from regular customers. “ Cheaper than solid wood, marble but more expensive than MDF and melamine board, compared to fusions of them, compact laminate board have a competitive price and excellent over-all properties. There is no doubt that it is the reason why some project managers finally decide to purchase compact laminate board who are interested in MDF before.

  • Nearly “zero” maintenance cost

One of the most common questions I have been asked is after-sale service in an international business. Well, although we have promised them a series of complete after-sale service, we make great efforts on product itself because we are so clear that no one would like to wait for product replacement and repair. As a result, time and returning customers greatly prove it. 95.3% return rate is the most forcible evidence among all we can provide.

compact laminate board

Even so, I am not trying to persuade anyone that compact laminate board is the best, it depends on what you care most. For more, feel free to exchange opinion with Jialifu.

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