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Cleaning&Maintenance of compact laminate, simple but effective

Like many customers told me that most of the time they found their cladding, table or toilet partition nondurable not because they are broken but full with stains which causing unavailable directly.

“Stubborn stains almost ruined the restaurant table top by naughty kids with ball-point pen, I used acid-based ceramic cleaners, which I regard them as most useful cleaners, to clean them but eventually cause staining !” Sam complained to me despondently, “ I know I shouldn’t use such strong cleaner, I have no choice but normal cleaner is useless.”

Some board with special texture are hard to clean totally, even some stains on smooth board could be cleaned easily depending on the material and structure of it.

compact laminate clean with cloth of water

Cleaning&Maintenance of compact laminate, which could be reference for other similar board, is simple but effective.

Jialifu Compact laminates are able to resist the effects of vandalism and, properly fabricated, providing very durable surfaces in public areas as well.

  • In general, surface of compact laminate are best kept clean using water and mild detergent. As for stubborn stains, it is recommended to use non-scratch liquids or creams.

  • Marks and ball-point pens can be removed with a suitable solvent such as acetone and methylated spirits on a clean cloth or a rag.. What’s more, organic solvents such as white spirit and cellulose thinners could be nice choices for removing paint splashes and graffiti which is harmless for compact laminate surface.

  • Acid-based ceramic cleaners and lime scale removers must not be used as they can cause permanent staining. Similarly, furniture polishes will cause eventual color fading and smear marks.

  • Most importantly, don’t forget to rinse them with warm clean water and polished dry with soft cloth. That is a key step what we often ignore easily.

“Above all, compact laminate is so easy to clean and maintain among so many panels.” Smith assures us firmly, “No matter what kind of material you are using, handling a skill of cleaning and maintaining is indispensable.”

Also, we have made a video name “compact laminate-easy to clean”, if you are interested feel free to get it.

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