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Chose Suitable Toilet Cubicle System

It's time to think about if your toilet cubicle partition is suitable.

There is a study shows that people don't trust the business with dirty restrooms.

According to a survey did by Bradley in 2016, 56% of Americans said that they probably wouldn't go back to business if they had an unclean bathroom.

Just like the picture above, you may encountered an awful experience in public restrooms, many people got it either which cannot be forget easily. Moreover, expectations of a bussiness' bathroom are clearly tied to customers' perceptions of the quality of the goods or services.

As a result, offer a high quality experience of restrooms can leave a good impression that a business could provides a high quality products and services either. And first of all, we need to chose a suitable toilet cubicle partition system. To repair it, or to update it, that's a problem.

So how to choice a suitable partition?

We got so many materials and so many types of cubicle partition, what's the difference? How much efforts shall we take to clean it? What's the service time of a toilet partition? The main difference between toilet partitions are the materials and the design styles.

Jialifu provides several kinds materials for your option. They are compact laminate, PVC, metal honeycomb panel and HPL honey comb panel. Generally, we recommended the compact laminate for public uses. But compact laminate panels still gets some disadvantages such as high weight and not environment friendly enough. HPL honey comb panel seems to be the best choice buy it is kind of expensive.

Looking for more information? Visit our Download page to get to know the advantages of all materials. Wish you could make the best choise.

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