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Which wall cladding fits you best?

Talking about wall cladding(interior wall cladding),you may think of a lot of types such as stone cladding,weatherboard cladding,brick cladding,timber cladding and so on,but today let’s hold a little discussion between brick wall cladding and HPL wall cladding. Why?Because many customers of mine are asking about that.So let’s go!

First,as usual I have to have a short introduction for wall cladding.Wall cladding is an interior and exterior decorative cladding that could provide a more comprehensive protection for underlying structure and create an unique appearance that you want which has been widely used for interior and exterior decoration.After that let’s see two pictures,HPL wall cladding and brick wall cladding.As its name shows,brick wall cladding is mainly made of thin real brick slips or faux brick panels.People who really prefer real brick style ought to choose the former although they are just attached using an expoxy adhesive system.As for faux brick panel,only a simple framework is required so that it is easily to install.The common point of them is waterproof while the latter requires less for foundation.Of course,brick wall cladding could give you a feeling of retro while HPL wall cladding looks more fashionable.Not only its appearance,it has better property than brick cladding mainly like durability.So turning to HPL wall cladding,you don’t need to worry about its life.

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