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Artistic Building Start with Improved Compact Laminate

How an artistic building starts? Your answer may be an excellent designer, an unique drawing or progressive idea. However for me, this new type of board may be a key step. That is compact laminate, more accurately, artistic compact laminate.

Compact laminate, as we all know, it is almost a perfect board that could be used in many field such as tabletop (commercial table top, restaurant table top, cafe table top), wall cladding system( exterior wall cladding, interior wall cladding).

More basic introduction about compact laminate, you could visit our details about compact laminate. However, today we are gonna talk about the “ improved compact laminate “.That is our king !

Try to recall when you are asked to come up with an inspired idea about the structure or even the specific drawing of a hotel, what you are trying to think about is often the space distribution. But have you ever though about the details, I mean expect timer, brick and tiles, what else could you think of ?

I ever had a little talk with a designer Tom about how he design a house or a restaurant. The first thing he wanna consider the cost ,and then the building style or the spatial contribution. At last, it is the working time and budget control or else. I don’t recall a lot but there is one thing that left me a impression, that’s the house owner tried to make his house artistic and modern so that he told me the material of interior wall cladding just could be steel, laminate and aluminum but not vinyl, wooden, fiber cement, brick, stone. That is the regular thought that every designer could recognize but I strongly a new type of material-improved compact laminate.

Improved compact laminate, which is also called advanced high pressure laminate, is truly a cool board. The magical thing is that it could hold different touch and different pattern with different brightness on one board. Gross and frosted surface with pattern of house, stairs and a specific pattern required by our customers. That is what we try to show, if you like, that could be customized by you.

More information about this improved compact laminate, which is regarded as the perfect material for upscale hotel, resort, coffee shop and other commercial complex, you could contact Jialifu directly.

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