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How to Avoid Chromatic of Metal Honeycomb Panels?

Metal Honeycomb

With good performance on decoration and features, metal honeycomb panels are used widely. However, it is common to find chromatic in metal honeycomb panels, so it’s necessary to learn how to avoid such situation.

1. Choosing right metal honeycomb panel supplier is the first step to success. Reliable brand stands for high quality and warm service. JIALIFU suggests that it would be better to go on a field trip, visiting their factory, which can ensure real manufacture.

2. Getting everything at one time during production is the key to success. The paint needed to be modulated, so the different batches of paint may appear chromatic.

3. In order to avoid chromatic, it’s better to check out carefully when inspection.

4. During package, it would be better to ensure adjacent panels in the same color. Only in this way, metal honeycomb panels can achieve excellent decoration use.

The chromatic situation could be avoided if we comply with the four tips.

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