Bathroom vanity
Toilet Vanity with Multiple Color Choices
Toilet Vanity JiaLifu provide manufactured from compact laminate board and it can be applied for wet places, such as the toilet.

    Compact Laminate is constructed with layers of Kraft paper, dipped in resin and dried. These layers are then sandwiched between laminated top and bottom sheets, compressed and baked. A process called polymerisation melds them all together creating a solid- core panel that is an extra tough durable laminate

    The surface of the compact laminate board is a layer of decorated paper, which can be printed or engraved to special pattern as the like of the buyer. 

    Before the compact laminate board are launched in the market, it has passed a series of quanlity tests, for example, lab test proves that killing 99% bacterial within 24 hours or prevent the water to  impregnate the inside part of the board. Our product has passed ISO4001:2004 and ISO9001:2008.

decorate the toilet vanity perfectlyStandard Color: Antique white and light grey
Scratch resistance and impact resistanceCharge of sample: free

Easy to clean and maintain

Material: compact laminate board

There is one decoration tier on the surface of the compact laminate board which can be pasted any kinds of color layer and we offer a wide range of color choices with the same price to the buyer. Changing room cubicles with solid color are popular when the buyer want to upgrade the environment of the changing room in gym or swimming pool because the young are domination in these places. Maybe there is a doubt about whether the color will fade. Actually, we have absolutely trust on the product we manufactured and the result can prove our faith are worthwhile. We have been in this line for nearly 16 years, when we have never received one complaints. With the 16 years production experiences, we can cope with every detail, including design, specification of the cubicles, installation and packing. We have never magnify our product, but clarify it as it stands.

Package Detail:

decorative toilet cubicle Standard Package: 
1.The panel are packed by foam plastic bag inner and wooden pallet with belt outside to protect the items from damage during transportation. 
2.The hardware will be put in small inner box per set and a carton outside. 
Also can be packed as your requirement    

And we promise that all product will be shipped in 10 days after payment   



Nishat Emporium--Lahore is being developed by Habib Rafid Pvt Ltd that is a renowned name in real estate and massive project developments in Pakistan like, the Metro Bus project in Punjab Province.  There are about 2000 workers and engineers are working on the site of the project. 


After we received the order and learned that our customer have belief, we spare a lot of time to learn the culture of Muslim and try to respect our buyer when we serve them in our office. Our team have been improving the quanlity of our reception service, treating the guest as the families. A total of 331 sets of toilet vanity with blue color were placed in this order. 

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