Changing Room Cubicles
Metal Honeycomb Changing Room Cubicle
Metal honeycomb board is a lightweight core building material which offer excellent strength and good corrosion resistance for industrial application at low price.

Metal honeycomb changing room cubicle is rustproof and waterproof, having a longer service lifespan. Besides, it gains a lighter weight and higher strength than other metal materials such as stainless steel.


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Metal honeycomb changing room cubicle have a advantage that it can be cut in any length even more than 3600mm. That makes the Metal honeycomb changing cubicle a various style suitable for any kinds of rooms. Usually, we recommend head rail braced style as a simple. Here is a draw for you reference.


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The hardware belonging to 33 stainless steel series is much durable than the nylon and plastic accessories. Jialifu provide multiple types of hardware, comprising Nylon, plastic, 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. Basically, there includes 1 pc of coat hook, 1pc of door knob, 1pc of door lock,  2pc of hinges, 2pc of support legs and 2pc of corner fasteners. Besides the number of the sets of the hardware attaching to the ammout of the changing room cubicles, we also offer excess accessories for sales and the 316 stainless steel series are the best of all the hardware series we provide. 


Other Styles Option:


Ceiling HungFloor Anchored Ceiling Hung




The colors of metal honeycomb panel is less than compact laminate. But it still get many colors for your choice.



XFC GYMXFC GYM is a comprehensive gym in Victoria , Australia, which contained state-of-the-art equipment and experienced fitness professional. It has became one of the most popular gym in Australia after years of development.

It's true that JIALIFU have rich experiences in providing compact laminate locker board and bathroom stalls for the gym. The environment in gym's changing room is usually humid and stuffy. The material of hpl locker can keep the air inside fresh, having no peculiar smell. What is more, the hpl material is waterproof which can prevent the board to deformation. When the buyer learned that we have been coorperation with a number of gym, they felt more trustful to us. After checking more details about the products, we signed the contracts soon. Once the purchasing manager received the goods, he expressed his grantitude to us on the Internet.


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