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What's Wrong With Urinal Divider Design?

As a gentleman, one gets experience using urinals in public bathrooms. Unfortunately, some people might no be so gentle. A survey infers that there are 19% people check on other guys when using urinals, and more important, 65% people sometimes or can be a potential “suspects” checking you when you are urinating, especially when you are shoulder to shoulder. That’s a bad news.


What’s the situation of urinal divider design?

There might be 3 situations you have to face when you are preparing to use a urinal.

First, no urinal dividers.

A urinal could really gets one gentleman shocked if it doesn't have any dividers. In Japan and England, some public bathrooms do get urinals without dividers. Urinating are considered to be a private event in most culture, the no divider urinal cause many people embarrassed using it.

Urinal without Divider

What's wrong with urinals without dividers?

There might be several reasons, you can complaint on architects for designing such a awful bathroom, or owners to be so mean no spending one more coin to install a urinal dividers. But whatever the true reason is, it do make people uncomfortable.

Second, short urinal dividers.

Urinal dividers are widely used in most of public bathroom, but people may still gets trouble when using it. Even though they get urinal dividers in their set, they still feel a “gun shy” with the others sights. The height of urinal dividers is the problem, asking that if it’s too low. A brief drawing are given to show the situation. But you have to admit, people will gets closer to urinal if they don't want their private place being exposed to people’s sights. Generally, it might be a good design to keep public bathroom clean.

Revolution Design

Third, the ultimate design.

There comes a ultimate design to solve the privacy problem once and for all. The full height urinal dividers. This urinal dividers making the urinal just like a toilet cubicle, we can call this design as floor to ceiling style. A suspect will have no chance checking on others. But most of the owners may no choose this urinal dividers. It’s a little bit over-deigned and cost too much compared to a standard design style.

Whatever the urinal dividers looks like, the core problems stands.


People needs privacy in public bathrooms, the impression of bathroom may effects people’s behavior. That’s what we have already talked in a past essay. Pay more attention on your urinal dividers before your lose more customers!

After Story

Here’s a poem for all gents urinating,

To peek, or not to peek, that is the question—

Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer

The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Curiosity,

Or to take Eyes toward a Sea of troubles...

by Akshay Vannery from Quora

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