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Comparison Between High Pressure laminate and MFC

When we are saying one thing is good,it must be the final result through comparing.Without comparison,it is hard to prove one thing great.Therefore,why don’t we make a comparison between high pressure laminate and MFC to learn which is better for tables and wall cladding.

As the picture shows,in order to resist the boiling water,the weight and thick of hpl should be added 7% and 8% while MFC must be added 35% and 44%.What does it mean?It obviously demonstrates the high pressure laminate preforms better than MFC in the same thick and weight,in other words we could draw a conclusion that high pressure laminate is a better building material resisting boiling water than MFC,but how does it work?Firstly,according the advantage of high pressure laminate,there is no doubt that it could be a better material for outside table and outside wall cladding which is likely to be exposed in the sun for long.What’ more,not only for its boiling water resistance,but also its impact resistance and fire resistance result in its widely application.Plus,hpl could be a decorative panel so that many color are able to be chosen to satisfy your need.

As compact laminate suppliers,we Jialifu strongly recommend it for outside tables andwall claddings because it could be used for more than 20 years with proper use.

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