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May be you have heard of compact laminates, or perhaps you are now in usage of them, but you are not likely to know about the specific features of compact laminate.

Compact laminate, also known as solid phenolic or HPL panel, is consisted of the layers of phenolic resin-saturated kraft paper from repression. It is an artificial panel with many practical features so that they are very popular with people all around the world. The main features of the compact laminate can be concluded as the following described.

  • The first one is the cost of the compact laminate is lower than the real wood material. The process of manufacturing compact laminate is environmental friendly without using a mass of trees. That is to say the material comes from extensive sources and easy to made.

  • The second one is because the panel is more flexible and alternative. The sizes and patterns of the compact laminate is of multi-selective space, the shapes of the panel is without limitation just your idea are reasonable.

  • The next one is that quality of the panel is guarantee for 1-2 years and they are with waterproof, fire and scratch resistance. As you know,the climate varies from region to region, people will consider whether the material can fit in the area or not when purchasing the panels. For example, the climate in south China is rainy and wet but is opposite to north China. Therefore, the panel in south China must keep off the steam and anti corrosion while it must be in enough tenacity to bear the strength and desiccation. The compact laminate just exactly the one that confirms to the conditions.

  • The last one is the edge of the compact laminate. The edge of the panel is incised with special machine that you don’t need to handle with the margin which is still smooth and clean-cut.

Of course, the price of the compact laminate is higher than the general not just for its high density but includes the subtle parts to each detail.

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