Compact Laminate
Compact laminate-Fantasy color
Jialifu compact laminate has a range of color such as solid color, wood grain, cross grain, fantasy color, special texture.

Compact laminate-Fantasy color:

Compared to solid color, fantasy color provides a wilder atmosphere which is more appropriate for youth and personalized style. According to our sales record, compact laminate-Fantasy color is most suitable for modern commercial table top like cafe table top.

Style&Fashion: wilder atmosphere,youth, personalized, cafe table top

Red ChameleonFantasy Gold
Gray Fabric

Black Gold Pattern
Fantasy Blue


Foot4' x 6'4' x 8'4' x 10'4' x 12'5' x 6'5' x 8'
mm1220 x 18301220 x 24401220 x 30501220 x 36601525 x 18301525 x 2440
Foot5' x 10'5' x 12'6' x 6'6' x 8'6' x 10'6' x 12'
mm1525 x 30501525 x 36601830 x 18301830 x 24401830 x 30501830 x 3660
Thickness12mm18mm2mm-25mm customized


Frequently asked questions

  • Why choose Jialifu?

15 years industry experience. From 2001 to 2016, Jialifu’s products have been exported to more than 122 countries and regions. A lot of classic cases in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and regular exhibitions around the world yearly could be great your reference.

  • What is the warranty of Jialifu compact laminate?

The limited warranty for Jialifu Compact laminate is 5 years from the date of contract confirmation.

  • How can I get the use & maintenance guidelines of Jialifu compact laminate?

Please visit our document section to find “ Use and maintenance guidelines of compact laminate “.

  • How can I order a free sample of compact laminate?

Please feel free to contact us via for free.

  • How can I contact you for my problem with Jialifu products?

Any questions about Jialifu products, please contact our technology department at

  • How do I get technical data of compact laminate?

Please visit our document section to find “ Tech Data of compact laminate“.

  • Where could I find my answer if I could find my answer here?

If you have any other questions haven’t been listed here, please leave Jialifu message directly on website.