Compact Laminate
Compact laminate-Cross grain
Jialifu compact laminate has a range of color such as solid color, wood grain, cross grain, fantasy color, special texture.

Compact laminate-Cross grain:

Compared to wood grain, cross grain products could cause an visual illusion that the building seems higher and more grand that what it actually is. Therefore, this type of color is perfect for exterior and interior wall cladding causing an excellent visual effect as your need.

Style&Fashion: visual illusion, more grand, exterior and interior wall cladding

Stripes Golden Pomelo
Black Stripes Oak
Golden Stripes Shrub
Yellow Stripes Oak
Jie Stripes Shrub
Corrugated Timber
Tahiti Stripes Wood
Jie Stripes Oak
Stripes Red Pomelo
Science Stripes


Foot4' x 6'4' x 8'4' x 10'4' x 12'5' x 6'5' x 8'
mm1220 x 18301220 x 24401220 x 30501220 x 36601525 x 18301525 x 2440
Foot5' x 10'5' x 12'6' x 6'6' x 8'6' x 10'6' x 12'
mm1525 x 30501525 x 36601830 x 18301830 x 24401830 x 30501830 x 3660
Thickness12mm18mm2mm-25mm customized


Frequently asked questions

  • Why choose Jialifu?

15 years industry experience. From 2001 to 2016, Jialifu’s products have been exported to more than 122 countries and regions. A lot of classic cases in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and regular exhibitions around the world yearly could be great your reference.

  • What is the warranty of Jialifu compact laminate?

The limited warranty for Jialifu Compact laminate is 5 years from the date of contract confirmation.

  • How can I get the use & maintenance guidelines of Jialifu compact laminate?

Please visit our document section to find “ Use and maintenance guidelines of compact laminate “.

  • How can I order a free sample of compact laminate?

Please feel free to contact us via for free.

  • How can I contact you for my problem with Jialifu products?

Any questions about Jialifu products, please contact our technology department at

  • How do I get technical data of compact laminate?

Please visit our document section to find “ Tech Data of compact laminate“.

  • Where could I find my answer if I could find my answer here?

If you have any other questions haven’t been listed here, please leave Jialifu message directly on website.