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Commercial bathroom partitions needs to be durable within a proper price, bathroom partition walls made by compact laminate is a wise choice.

Commercial toilet partitions are mainly compact laminate toilet cubicle partitions. They have been one of our most popular products over many years. The customized mount & braced system offers strength, durability and easy cleaning combined with fresh and clean lines. 

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Compact laminate, also known as HPL or solid phenolic board, the material of the commercial bathroom partition walls, is made from layers of phenolic resin kraft under high temperature and pressure facing with the laminate sheets. It is toughed warmer than those typical acrylic or polyester materials. It can bear with the strong impact and fit in wet or dry environment and the anti-microbial and anti-corrosion of the panel make the bathroom partition walls to be used for longtime and keep the sanitation.


* Impact resistant make it sturdy; 

* East to clean and install; 

* Multiple colors available; 

* Over 10 years of service life


For quick installation, bathroom partitions in head rail braced style is recommended. But Jialifu also prvides other styles commerical bathroom partitions for choice such as floor anchored style, ceiling hung style and floor to ceiling style. Here is the standard parameters of head rail braced style.

More Style for Option

We have 4 design styles for your option, they are head rail braced style, floor anchored style, ceiling hung style and floor to ceiling style. Each style gets its own specifics. 

*Head rail braced style is popular among general buildings and modern buidings. Its floor installtion and durable feature attract many buyers from school, research institute and factory.

*Floor anchored style's design of no head anchored has highly increased the possibility of decoration to those complemetary architecture so as to become an option choice of the ceiling zone which has an sufficient gap.

*Ceiling hung style provides a clean and contemporary design suits many styles of deco with the absence of floor hardware. 

*Floor to ceiling style is the most optimum selection with its distinctly strength of nobleness and steadiness to those places where durable products are greatly needed.

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Accessaries Overview

The unique design supporting legs ensure the cubicle not to deform and get corrosive for exposing to the watery bathroom for long time.


Compact laminate panel having a special tier on the surface which can prevent the board from deformation and damage is extremely fit for the public place such as gym shower and restroom.There are a number of optional color for customers to choose, including solid color and wood grain color. Compact laminate with solid color looks more fashionable, while the wood grain color give a impression of classic.


We had a contract with Kwait International Airport for providing them bathroom partitions. This past project may contain a grain of truth for you to refer to. 

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