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Commercial Shower Stalls
Commercial shower stalls partition can be designed to any pattern according to the requirement of the buyer, backing up by 15-years experiences in producing hpl product

Jialifu commercial shower stalls partition are mainly made by campact laminate panels, also called as HPL (High Pressure Laminate) board. The customized mount & braced system is high strength, durability and easy to clean. Besides, it is also in fashionable style combined with fresh and clean lines.


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Jialifu compact laminate board is a kind of abrasion resistant decorative panel, also called HPL (High Pressure laminate). It is made of decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. We get many design styles for commericla shower stall partition, such as head rail braced style, floor anchored style, ceiling hung style and floor to ceiling style. Here is the standard parameter of head rail braced style. 

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Accessaries Overview:

Stainless steel accessories is the most popular 

Stainless steel #88 series
Stainless steel #25 series

Other Styles Option:





Compact laminate panel gets a special phenolic tier on the surface. This tier can prevent the board from deformation and damage. So, the compact laminate panel is extremely fit for the public places such as gym, showe room, and restroom. There is a number of optional color for your choice, including solid color and wood grain color. Shower stall partition with solid color looks more fashionable, while the wood grain color give a impression of classic.



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