Wall cladding
Cladding for Houses
Cladding for houses catch people' eyes because of not only its' strong decoration effect, but also its' suitable feature that fitting the outdoor environment, which it can perform well in both hot and rainy days.

JiaLifu Compact lamiante board is a kind of abrasion resistant decorative panel, also called HPL. It is made of decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. In addition, stacking multi-layer black or brown kraft paper that contains phenilic aldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin up. Then, using steel plate to suppress on the state 15 0Celsius degree 1430 pso. Finally, HPL can be made. The thickness can be adjusted according to the quanlity of the kraft paper sheets. Available thickness: 2mm-25(12mm-25mm are suggested to make the toilet cubicles). There are two optional standard color for the buyer to choose. One is antique white, the other is light grey. It has a perfect performances on the water resistance, which made it possible to be using as a outdoor building material. Normal building material would be expansion if they are exposed to the water, while the situation will not happen on the compact laminate board. This board have passed ISO9001:2008 quanlity management system and JiaLifu also provided a quanlity warrenty which last for five years. If the board have the color-fading and expansion phenomenon, we promise to deliver the new products as quick as we can. Since JiaLifu started the business, we have never met the complains about the quanlity.



1.Project Consultancy

We have excellent business team, which are oriented to understand customer requirements and improve satified services.

2.Field measurement

We have professional technical team, promptly responding customer field needs

3.Drawing Design

We have top-ranking R&D team, which possesses innovative product design and proficient software operability

4. Logistics distribution

We have swift logistics distribution system, delivering intact cargo to your hands safely. 


We have skilled construction team, serving for global project site.

6.Maintenance And Care

We provide correctservicing and maintenance guide to ensure product getting the longest service life.

The modern buildings are looking for the material which is humanity, fashion, durable and convenient for maintenance, which makes the wall cladding adopts the dry-fasten system, bearing keels as the steel or aluminum alloy sections and install it with the specified standard cramps and adjustable cramps to fix on the wall cladding. The surface of the cladding is well-combined with the gaps and virtual gaps so taht the installation nodes are concealed perfectly and it is firm, concise and easy for repairing JiaLifu can provide all kinds of wall cladding of wall corners, ceiling close-ups, foot margin close-ups, fire hydrants, circuit control panels and other solutions according to reqiurements from customers and the spatial conditions. The wall cladding is widely used in hospitals, airports, rail stations, gymnasiums, museums, office buildings and emporiums, ect as its excellent performances makes it suitable for indoor and our door application.


SATS Ltd., commonly abbreviated as SATS  is the chief ground-handling and in-flight catering service provider at Singapore Changi Airport. SATS controls about 80% of Changi airport's ground handling and catering business. Singapore is famous for the clean and tidy environment , having a strict rule for the imported products. It's the top-level quanlity of our compact laminate products that leading the trade. Our prodcut has passed environmental and quanlitative examination so that we always propagandize it to the buyer. It's the persistent strict control to the product that make our hpl product popolar over home and abroad. These cases are the best certification. We have never met sales return before because the quanlity of our hpl product. What;s more ,we also provide two-years quantity guarantees. 

When the hpl toilet partition was installed in the toilet and was used for a couple of years, it still remain clean as before which surprised the school manager greatly. It's indeed durable, the manager said so. The size of the toilet partition is (H)1950mm*(D)1750mm*(W) 4965mm, while the door is 600mm*1780mm. There are totally 5 sets of toilet partition with 12mm compact laminate panel in this order.